• Pasta with meat
  • Fried bread pudding
  • Chicken bowl


Backyard Grill

About us

With over 40 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry, David and Tony are a dynamic duo with a passion for delicious food and exceptional service. David's love for smoked barbecue stems from years of dedicated study and enjoyment of the art of smoking. His attention to detail and taste ensures a top-quality barbecue experience. Tony has spent many years honing his skills in various front-of-house roles, from hosting and serving to bartending, management, and ownership. His unwavering commitment to providing outstanding service is second to none. Always looking to learn and innovate, Tony brings a creative flair to the business, constantly inventing new ways to delight customers through specials, events, and thoughtful decor. With David and Tony at the helm, you can expect a restaurant experience that's both professional and fun, where the passion for good food and good times shines through in every detail.